Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ottalenghi Chocolate Macarons : The beginning of a love affair..

I love macarons, period. Some call it too sweet for their taste, some call it overrated, some call it overly celebrated, but for me, its a dream, how a mere egg white, when married to some sugar and almond meal gets transformed into these beautiful little kisses, i guess the process fascinates me more than the outcome :) , and why not, iam the baker, iam supposed to be mesmerised with the art, the science, thats what keeps me going right :D and hell yeah, it does it job beautifully. I have been in the high for a week now, i go back and look at my pics and smile at them and go back to them again, and again , and again..

Thursday, July 31, 2014

IFBM 2014 at Aloft Cessna Park

This is what was beautiful about blogging right, you used to get a vibe from a post, a blogger, a new story, and you could relate to the food.. The person, oh my iam overwhelmed, i got to meet deepasri deb of hamaree rasoi , anjali koli, panfusine, lata raja, sanjeeta.. harini and a lot more for the first time.. How happy iam.. Inspires me to blog more.. Hope the air stays longer.. We have just had one session with my fav deeba.. A sneak peak.. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Light Fruit Cake

I have a problem ! Yes and a severe one on that.. i have a habit of attempting the complicated first, be it cooking, baking, crochet or whatever. So it did reflect on my baking , i have made so many things so far but one of my favorites since eternity, a Britannia style fruit cake is something i didn't try yet. But this year i have a resolution, yeah almost half way through the year, iam safe to talk about resolutions now that i have worked a bit on them.

Goa-Bound : Fenny Highball

hello hello, after a long while, i guess i should keep that as a part of my post templates :D, but i guess am so happy this time on being back that it might just be for good, i have had a beautiful time in Goa on my birthday, super relaxing 3 days, and right now all iam looking forward to is meeting some of the bloggers i have always been looking forward to meeting in the first ever food bloggers meet in bangalore, the Indian Food Bloggers Meet, IFBM. I was getting vary of bloggers and the socializing between them an blah and blah, but after eons of times iam getting this feeling that this one event is going to be about blogging, something that brought us all together at the first place, so looking forward to it. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mango Caprese Salad : Godsent indeed

A few days back i got to meet the lovely Saina Jaypal, over a cup of coffee and we went chatting as if we knew each other for a while, so does it happen at times, you don't need any ice breaking, and the comfort is achieved even before you know it. She handed me a very thoughtfully put together hamper from Foodhall, a place i admire for the thoughts that go into most of their services. The hamper had a  Aceto Balsamic Vinegar, LaRambia Olive Oil, Sacla Sundried tomatoes, a sexy looking Jamie Oliver spice, and a pack of farelle pasta.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mango Mania at Grand Mercure, Kramangla, Bangalore

Special credits to Aparna Jha for this one, she spent minutes together to get the bokeh right!
First of all sorry for being absconding yet again, for all the fuss of i love my blog, am not doing a great job, but as always i promise myself to do better. For those who know me well, know that Swati goes crazy when it comes to mangoes, who doesn't for that matter right...  and that's exactly what happened when i heard about the Mango Mania festival (2nd May to 17th May, 2014) at Grand Mercure, there was no reason for us to say no. Also had heard great things about the food from last year and just couldn't wait enough to get going and try it out.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mathai Achayan’s Syrian Christian Delicacies at Karavalli, The Gateway.

For a long time i have been hearing good things about Karavalli, a coastal cuisine specialty restaurant at the Gateway. A restaurant which has been around for years and the idea that you can actually expect home style cooked coastal food, it definitely attracts many often. We always get a notion that coastal cuisine has to be only sea food and what do vegetarians have to do with it, but having stayed around a vegetarian mallu friend i know that there's an abundance of  vegetarian delicacies in the coastal cuisine. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kacche Kele aur Methi ki sabzi

I know i know, i have been guilty of not writing here for long.. but the whole diwali sale got over me, it was an overwhelming experience, to have a few of my readers sending happy messages conveying i have started something like this, some getting nostalgic about nolen gur, some going bonkers about the idea of chikki brownies, amazing it was. Just gave me a reassurance, that the step towards baking and food, that i have taken is a good one, something that is giving me immense pleasure and hope things go well moving forward.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Italian Food Festival at Bene, Sheraton

There are no doubts about my love for Italian food and it keeps calling me back. And when there is a visiting chef ready to share some knowledge and lets us get our hands dirty by making our own pasta, life is almost bliss. Theres an Italian food festival running in Bene, the Italian kitchen in Sheraton Bangalore and Chef Carlo Molon is visiting to see through the festival. Chef is visiting from the Sheraton Milan and was was one of the most charming chefs i have interacted with in the fast few years, i loved it when he in-spite of the language barrier was sharing stories with us and very happily shared his onion jam recipe with me, yeah i will attempt that soon.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Breakfast heaven at Monkey Bar

“I know family comes first, but shouldn't that mean after breakfast?” 

― Jeff Lindsay 

Do i disagree ? nehhh... one must not even attend the end of the world without a good breakfast.. is what i read somewhere and how true. I hate prepping breakfast but if a hearty breakfast is served to me i am all game for it. I have friends who head to hole in the wall almost every weekend, but i want fancy, if I am taking all the pains to head out of my comfort to have breakfast outside, it better be good, well the best. And MoBar Breakfirst is all about that (that's how we all know it, the breakfast is breakfirst in /monkey bar and how cool is that. ) Its like pehle pet pooja phir kaam dooja ;)

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