Italian Food Festival at Bene, Sheraton


There are no doubts about my love for Italian food and it keeps calling me back. And when there is a visiting chef ready to share some knowledge and lets us get our hands dirty by making our own pasta, life is almost bliss. Theres an Italian food festival running in Bene, the Italian kitchen in Sheraton Bangalore and Chef Carlo Molon is visiting to see through the festival. Chef is visiting from the Sheraton Milan and was was one of the most charming chefs i have interacted with in the fast few years, i loved it when he in-spite of the language barrier was sharing stories with us and very happily shared his onion jam recipe with me, yeah i will attempt that soon.

We had the privilege to witness the making of the almost see through pasta sheets rolled out of pasta machines to make fresh ravioli. As my fellow blogger call them nutella or bacon whores, i can very well be called a ravioli whore, i religiously order a ravioli when iam in an Italian place and i was going to shape my own raviolis. Chef demonstrated to knead the perfect dough, yes the same principle of 1 egg for every 100gms of flour, and the way he was kneading it was art, i simply love seeing anybody create a dough, and it was one such day. To see the almost transparent pasta sheets come out of the pasta machine was magical, it was a first for me and i simply loved it.

We were thrilled to bits.. to do the ravioli and torcettini and having the chef assist us when wrong was a great experience. Once done with the demo, we got seated for the dinner, an innovative menu, and good wines cannot go wrong, and so was it, the non vegetarians were torn for choices, well i love Italian for this too, the vegetarian in me gets spoilt for choices. We opted for a white wine, and started exploring our options. 

Our first course was Insalata d’orzo con pomodori secchi, zucchini saltate, coulis di pepperoni gialli marmellatina di cipolle rosse & quenelle di ricotta all’erba cipollina, , wooh, i copied it from the menu... :) it was a Barley salad with dried tomatoes, sauteed zucchini, onion jam, pepper coulis, and ricotta 
cheese with chives, a beautiful melody of elements, i simply love it when such simple elements come together to create such a masterpiece. I went crazy over the onion jam, i even had it with the breads served, even though they were accompanied with good salsa and herbed butter. This was actually the star of the evening for me if i want to leave the desserts out.

The next course was Ravioli di Mozzarella di bufala e salmone fresco con coulis di pomodori 
arrostiti e salsa di peperoni gialli, a buffalo mozzarella cheese ravioli served with roast tomato sauce and 
yellow sweet pepper cream, i would have preferred a sage butter or a creamy sauce to go with it, but that's my own preference, i am all for cheese overdose in my ravioli. But the filling was perfect, the ravioli cover was thin and so fresh, i like fresh ravioli and decided to just go with the chefs preparation.

The next course was Lasagnetta di pasta filo, patate, fagiolini e pesto, a lasagna made out of crunchy filo-pastry sheets layered with potatoes, green beans and basil pine nuts pesto, this didn't work for me at all, as it was low in seasoning and salt, guess it was a one off case, coz otherwise the concept was brilliant.

The others on the table got Agnello in crosta di pane alle erbe con patate schiacciate al basilico, 
an oven roasted lamb loin in an herbed bread crust, basil crushed potatoes, a little over rare cooked lamb which was juicy and perfect for two, and a little rare for the other two, but i guess all of them enjoyed this course of theirs, and wiped it off completely. 

Then came the star, the mind blowing dessert platter, and no we didn't get the tiramisu and i was happy about it, i don't want to have the tiramisu every time we talk Italian. We were served a dessert platter, a ricotta cheese cake , a Crispy meringue cake layered with Chantilly cream and fresh berries served with hot 
chocolate sauce, and poached pears with cinnamon ice cream. The meringue was amazing, out of the world, it was a meringue with a twist, with nuts and salt in it, and it made hell lot of difference, and the cinnamon ice cream, divine, all in all it was a lovely dessert platter to end with. 

An innovative spread with friends and chitter chatter is always good, and one topped with one of the best onion jam, salad and desserts was one to remember, the festival is on till the end of the month, and has a lovely menu at your disposal.

All the pics are taken by Monika of Sinamon, and i have shamelessly used them here with a bit of collaging and blah here and there. Thanks Mon, i hope i get my camera soon, and given you company in the clicking, i simply love the chefs click and the one of the table. 

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  1. Hi, congratulations for the blog very nice and full of really beautiful photos. It 'nice to read and know that the meeting with the chef has been a great experience ... thanks for letting said. We will read in Italy =)