ALOO 2 PYAZA Parathe with Vangayam Toghayal: D Ultimate Punju south indian Combo


Amma was and will remain one lady who was a south indian and could cook the best best best north indian cuisines, well might sound a bit too i dont know what, but seriously i have never seen any other south indian atleast in my family to cook north indian food with such perfection. And yes she was one master in parathas, as a kid i was very ignorant to different kinds of cuisines, i never knew what was south indian and what was north indian, all i knew was what amma cooks is south indian, i was never too fond of outside food then, i would crave for food cooked by amma. If i try to recall now, we had hardly visited restaurants with amma and we hardly missed it, coz we were so so happy with her food. The impact of those yesteryears is so strong that till date i prefer home cooked to outside food, eventhough my cooking is nowhere near ammas.

One of her forte's was her parathas, amma making paratha was a treat to everybody, those weekends would b like a long wait for a feast, be it her alloo paratha, sattu paratha, mooli paratha, gobi paratha, peas paratha, etc etc. She was perfect in this. And everybodies favorite was ammas aloo paratha with vangalyam toghayal. Now that i have been in north for long i understand that thwe classic combo with parathas is curd and some pickle, but for us since that day it had been aloo paratha with vangayam toghayal.

It seems so funny now, when for the first time Garg saw people eating parathas with a ketchupin south, he got the shock of his life, he hails from the heart of punjab, and for him the ultimate combination with parathas are loads of butter, some pickle and thick curd, but for me having parathas with ketchup was pretty common coz that is how we used to have it at home. Different cultures different habbits, but love unites and binds them so easily.

A pause at my gupshup, my paratha is named alloo 2 pyaza coz amma used to put amost equal quatities of potato and onions, and it used to be heavenly. So here we go:

Ingredients :

For Parathas:

3 Potatoes boiled and peeled
2-3 big Onion finely chopped
2 Green chillies finely chopped
1 inch ginger cube grated or finely chopped
1/2 tsp Chilli pwd
1 tsp Coriander
1 tsp chat masala
1/4 tsp turmeric powder(i add it coz amma used to add, else i havent seen punju style parathas with turmeric)
Salt to taste
2 tsp Coriander leaves finely chopped
dough for parathas (3 potatoes will be sufficient for 6 parathas)

For the Chutney:

4 onions
4 tbsp urad dal
4 dried red chillies
Salt to taste

Method :

For Parathas:

1. Prepare dough for parathas and keep aside. (ok i have no clue how to explain how to knead a dough, i will soon post something)
2. Pressure cook Potatoes, peel them and mash them witnh your hands, or a spoon, some even use pav bhaji masher.
3. Heat a pan with oil, add the cumin seeds, let it splutter, now add the green chillies, and the ginger and onions and sauté onions till the onions are translucent or brown. Add the salt and rest of the spices and fry for another 2 minutes.
4. Now add the mashed potatoes and fry till everythnig is mixed well, make sure you dont add any water and the potatoes are also not over cooked as it might create problems while maknig the parathas. Let it cool and divide into equal portions.

5. Divide the dough into equal portions, the size should a little bigger than the regular chapatis, and can be even bigger if u like the large size punjabi dhaba style parathas.
6. With your fingers, flatten a dough by pressing the sides to form a bowl shape to fit the potato filling, the middle should be thick and sides should be thin.

7. After placing the potato filling, close on the sides to completely cover the stuffing, giving it a pouch shapeand seal it well. Press it lightly from the top so that it is closed evenly.

8. Roll it over some flour and press on the board. Then gently roll out with the rolling pin.

9. Heat a tawa, Once the parantha is rolled out, place it on the hot tawa. Keep the flame on medium and let it on till you have some black spots on the bottom. Turn it around and spread oil around it. and a little on the sides too. Turn it around and smear some more oil, let it cook for 2 more minutes and change sides if not cooked completely.

Mouth watering atoo parathas , and some vangalyam toghayal, and dahi and some pickel,, aah heavenly.

For the Onion Chutney:

Fry the sliced onions and let it cool, fry the red chilies and urad dal seperately and gring all this together into a coarse paste, add salt according to taste. Chutnet is ready.

This one goes to Srivalli, the Mela Queen's Roti Mela.

Love your Mela concept Sri, i hope i get to post all that i have clicked.

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  1. heheh...loved reading your post as usual swati..I would love to meet your mom and eat to my heart's content!...Aloo 2 Pyaza sounds an excellent name to me!..thank you for the lovely entry..and post as many as you can. You know I will love all of them! Thanks my dear friend for the support and for making Garg eat so many parathas from now on!..:)

  2. lovely :-) combos are what we make them... hai na.

    And you made so many? I can't ever get a stack to photograph... because I make 4-5 max!! 2 hi to log hain!

  3. That parathas looks delicious and that filling like that yummm
    send me few of them from that stack

  4. Swati, kya baat hai!Lovely combo yaar of south+north! My amma is also a good cook, so we ate out during vacations, or during my office days! Loved ur writeup! How much of efforts u hv put in making these lovely stacks!We call the chutney-ulli chamanti-hub ke side but addn of urad is new..shall try--do try with pearl onions..iska swaad hikuch aur hoga..U know better, hai naa ;) :D

  5. Agree with raaga...since we are only two, I too make just 4 parathas..never got to make so many of them

  6. peinji, tussi to acchhe-2 punjabiyan te pachad diye paronthe banane mein !

    and your chutney is amazing as usual

    my punjabi is terrible, so dont let Mr.Garg see this !

  7. Hi Swati ... both dishes look yummy ... and the combi wud surely be amazing! I thought, it was at our place that we had such north-south combinations ... So its quite common afterall ... I loved the name of the parathas; wud want to try thm out sometime ..

  8. Swati aloo parotha and vengaya thogaiyal , girl u know how to tie two different cultures. Sounds perfect the combo, may be Garg will be against me too :)U re eating lots of parothas, huh? Perfect Dear!

  9. delcious stack of aloo pyasa the combo with the chutney...i am so hungryyy..send some over here also plzzzzzz:)..lovely entry..

  10. Lovely paratha, great combo. Looks great, mouthwatering, yumyy yumyy!!!

    Check out my blog, something waiting for u :))

  11. Lovely and perfect shape and size parathas.

  12. fav is aloo paratha with raita and also pickle ...ur chutney too looks delicious and that i make it for dosa...nice entry for roti mela....u have got a perfect shape and size...still i dont know to hubby helps me for that..

  13. Perfect parathas Swati! I love your mom's filling too, only stuffed potatoes so far, onion sounds good. Must try for me.
    My kids eat EVERYTHING with Ketchup!:D
    Chutney looks yum ,I would eat with that too!:)
    So you are south Indian because mom was and Raman is a Punjabi? You lived in north, your dad is southie too? Me major confused! HeHe!!

  14. lovely stack of parathas, Swati! lovely blend of south-north recipes. the combo sounds interesting. And again I am saying to your surprise, I never tried making parathas at home, he he! I can see that strange look on your face! I ate a lot of parathas but never tried them at home and your recipe inspiring me to put my hand into making one!

  15. My MIL adds chana dal, 1 tomato and lots of coriander leaves along with the ingredients you have mentioned for making vengaya thogayal. Tastes great.

  16. The aloo filling looks so good, Swati! I used to have parathas with ketchup too! :) The chutney looks awesome!

  17. lovely lovely yummy mom being a southie used to make lovely parathas too..i miss her so much..i remember her making aloo parathas for breakfast during the cold winters in delhi..they used to be so divine..

  18. Hi Swati, Yummy looking parathas and what a combination for parathas, I am drooling on the chutney..

  19. Aloo 2 pyaza .. great name!And your chutney is a bonus :-)I too eat parathas with ketchup .. am not ashamed to say it any more :p
    Good to see u back again.

  20. Lovely paratha looks yummy. great combo.

  21. This is so lovely!!i bet this is a very tasty yummy recipe.should eat your mom's food once.

  22. Hi....
    The stuffed parathas look awesome. Turned out perfect for u. YUM!. Onion chutney is my fav. I also make it in the same way with some tamarind.

  23. Nice stack of parathas Swati... but I agree with Garg, I mean Lucky... Parathas with ketchup is just weird :D

  24. hi swati.... looks great... the stuffed parathas looks yummy....

  25. It can't succeed in fact, that is what I think.