Neelam ji ki Teekhi aur Meethi Methi wali KADDU ki SABZI : Recipe Marathon Day 4


Kaddu is never made as a dry veggie in southie homes especially with chapati... all i remember is having pushnikaya kootu which was a fav to me... and having pushnikaya as a taan in saambhar..i meet prachi agarwal my best fren and she introduces this veggie to me when aunty stayed with us for a week in mumbai ... aah and since then iam a fan of this veggie.. me and aunty have been very frank and love her for her way of speaking.. playing pranks... and non veg talks... shes one lady who can make you blush with her top notch jokes... shes a cuto.. gol matol... loves dressing up... matching bindis.. loves gajras.. her cheeks glow.. she has a beautiful charm which nobody can miss.. shes one lady who loves loves loves cooking... and whateever she cooks is just class apart.. i remember that 2 weeks the way she had treated us... papdi chaat.. besan ke laddu .. rajma chawal etc etc ... all that a mom wud love to do for her kids... well i love her for her vibrant energy.. the way she pampers me.. calls me billi(naughty kid in local lingo..).. and understands ur state of mind without a hush.. and makes sure the generation gap never comes in between... i call her neelam ji :) thats how its b/w us.. love u aunty...

miss u many a times..hope u read it soon..this recipe is one she narrated to me when i called her especially to recall how to make this one... and shes too good... she starts like.. haan to note kijiye.. 1 chay wali chammach(teaspoon :)) ... dhyaan rakhna ki ... phir dheemi aanch par dhak dena.. etc etc... it was like she was reading it out from a cookbook written by her in her mind...
Aah i feel so good with this title.. it gives the exact feel of the sabzi... yess this is one tangy sabzi which gives the rite kind of high to my tastebuds as required... :) This is teekha... coz of the green chillies.. meetha coz of the sugar and chatpata coz of the amchur.. what else can we ask from this one man army... u ought to try it out to understand my emotions..:)
So here we go.. 2 things we need 2 remember which will guide the taste.. one that we should not remove the skin of the pumpkin, and second the order in which we add the ingredients should be followed strictly.


500 gms kaddu(pumpkin)
2 medium onions finely chopped
2 tsp finely chopped ginger
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp fenugreek seeds(methi)
salt to taste
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 big green chillies slit lengthwise
1 tsp chilli pwd
2 tsp coriander pwd
2 tsp sugar (may vary with taste)
1 tsp amchur pwd(dried mango pwd)
1 pinch hing


1. Heat some oil in a pan. Add the cumin seeds to it, let it splutter add the green chilles, onions, ginger and saute till the onions turn light brown.
2. Now add the spices except for the sugar, amchur and hing, fry for a minute, now to this add the sugar and let it melt and mix well with the onions.
3. Once you have a fluid available(as the sugar melts) add the pumpkin peices to this (1 inch cubes of pumpkin to be cut with the skin)
4. Keep stirring occasionally, and very lightly so that the pumpkin doesnt break, make sure the oil is sufficient so that the pumpkins do not stick, this takes some 10-15 minutes, if done in medium high flame.
5. Just before you switch off the flame add the smchur and hing and stir for one last time.

The kaddu ki subzi is done... tastes best with chapti and rasse wali tamatar aloo ki sabzi (as suggested by neelam ji ).. when i had called her for the recipe.. she patiently gave me recipe and told me to make aloo tamatar ki sabzi with it.. and guess what she said... " billi iske sath aloo tamatar ki sabzi ...patli tari wali banana... eldum baniyon wala khana ho jayega... khush ho jayenge parvesh ji ... " too sweet she is... :) I managed to get a picture of aunty in d last min..Just look at her.. her smile.. her cheeks... d way she is posing for d pic... her bangles.. her nosering.. isnt she cute..:)

This is my day 4 run for the Recipe Marathon. Iam d late lateef.. probably d last.. but hey am still running :).. this is what my fellow runners have for the day:

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Will update the rest soon..

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  1. hey swathi ur aunty sounds so jovial and fun person to be around:)..her photo says just that:)...the sabzi sounds wonderful with lots of diff flavors..sweetness,tanginess, post..

  2. Hey Swati, love aunty's photo, stylist hai :)) lovely post, nice recipe as well!!!

  3. Love the recipe and the aunty too, she has great smile and what a look?

  4. I was eager to see this post beacause of the long long title.have some problem with net connectivity at home so bit late in viewing n commenting on ur recipes Swati..nice running in the marathon isnt'it?

  5. that's a lovely subji, Swati! Looks delicious. YOur aunty looks like a very jovial person. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi swathi...
    Ur aunty sounds great. That was a nice subji. Loved the color of subji. Nice reading this post...

  7. Tasty looking Subji. Congrats on your award.

  8. nice subzi...on top of it,,love the way your aunty is..great post..

  9. Hey Swati,

    Enjoyed your post again ! I especially love all your baniya food as I am a baniya too married to a non baniya;)

    Your auntie is adorable, reminds me of my aunts, with her sari,nose ring and bangles. Many thanks to her for sharing so generously.

    And yeah, good job with the marathon. We are rooting for you :)

  10. Delicious looking subzi...First time here, have to come back and look at all of your delicious recipes..

  11. theres something for u in my blog, drob back,..and yes i amback,..:-)

  12. thats a nice account of your aunt!...and the subzi looks great!..

    hey do you want my 4th day post link??..I thought I had sent it!, cos its not linked here!

  13. the sabzi looks very tempting and thats very sweet of ur aunt to pose for you...:)

  14. yeah ranji it has all d flavors...and aunty is too good...
    yeah madhavi aunty mast stylish hain...
    yes cham she is a crowd puller i must say...:)
    d runnigs gonig fine divs... jsut that our timing r not matchnig....
    thanks uma... neelam ji is a delight... u ought to meet her to get a feel of that charm...

  15. yeah suku... d color is what attracts me too...
    thanks cilantro..n sowmya...
    hey delhibelle... loved ur comment... personalized kinds..:) thanks for d support...
    welcome maheshwari...plz do visit back...
    hey hey hey.... welcome back madam... and thanks a ton for d award/..
    hey sri... i have linked u ...
    thanks bhags
    and all u people neelam ji will b all delighted to read all this.. iam sure prachi will make sure she gets to read these :) thanks for d response...

  16. Swati, shes so cute, bubbly and jovial..can make out frm pic! Indeed lovable aunt! Loved the subzi wd try soon n come wt fb! tks for sharing! :D made my day reading this desi touch wala post!

  17. hehe... thanks purnima.. Desi touch is d USP :P or i dont know what of my post...
    keep coming in...

  18. Swati Congrats on one more award.. u truely deserve it girl.. kaddu ka this dish is a new recipe. i dont like kaddu so much and never buy it . but surely will try this..

  19. Thanks for passing me the award..I am so glad , you considered my blog for the award..

  20. Thanks Swati for considering me for the award to me.

  21. Thank u soooooooooo much swathi for passing me the award!!!i am so happy and thrilled.

  22. Hi Swati,
    we make it thesame way, but without onions. And eat it with Puri, Aloo ki rasedaar sabji and boondi raita.Looks yummy

  23. Hiya Swati, check out my blog for a sweet treat for you!

  24. Great recipe. Thank you!It was the first time I made Kaddu and it came out great. maybe not like my mom makes it...but close enough :)

    Also do have a look at my blog about conversations in cabs

    Do let me know what you think!

  25. Hii.. Thanks for you posting this blog.
    I bookmarked this blog. I will try it this in summer.
    Noida Restaurants

  26. she is my childhood friend(Ruchi agarwal)'s mom......very lovely lady.....i've eaten lots of tasty tasty things made by her.. papri chaat, chhole poori, aaloo tikki .......etc..this post reminds me those lovely days spent with her.....miss her.....Thanx swati for sharing....nice reading this post.

  27. thanks ankita.. shes my favorite and will stay so.. :) am so glad i got the memories back...