My first stint with Non Veg Cooking : DUM KA MURGH ZAFRANI - Chicken slowly cooked in yoghurt - My DAY1 run on the RECIPE MARATHON


Heyyy frens... i need a tap on my back ... finally i collected all the guts to go in for non veggie cooking in my kitchen ... and huh the ice breakings done :) and that barriers gone... i can cook non veg for garg now on... he is a hard core non veggie... loves loves loves anything that lies in that category.. can survive on it for inumerable continuos meals.. hehe.. and poor guy is stuck with this veggie who has a aversion with raw chicken and thats the reason i could never think of cooking it myself... well he was sweet enough to make sure that he cleans the peices and do all the steps that need to be done with the raw peices.. ok too much of my gana... so i wanted to treat him with something special, something rich, he loves rich food.. and there i go, thanks to the sweet lil Chicken Delights cookbook i got to get some chicken basics clear... wel this has my own alterations, to suit his pallete, being the fidgity person iam i can never stick to a recipe.. it came out really well ... looking at the color.. the gravy was blissfull and the three people who had it had beautiful expressions on their faces.. these three who can be the bestest of critics...

Anna - my elder bro... hes d certified taster of our family... can be the best critic as far as food is concerned, he can give you the best words of praise if it ticks his tastebuds.. and the best part.. if he cannot control his sleep by the end of his meal.. that means the food has touched all his senses... yeah he loved it.. and had a 2 hour sleep after it...
Garg.. who else can know the real worth of a chicken dish other than Parvesh Garg.. if he has 3 to 4 helpings without a second thot then yes its a clear hit.. :) and yeah.. he was all proud :) ok people... just a lil more.. it was an acheivement for me .. first of all my first chicken dish.. and then garg getting happy about it.. i have all d rites to flaunt it rite :) ..
ok.. and anirban bhaiya.. a fooodie by heart.. i remember him having the simplest sambhar sadam and idli chutney with all praise... so chicken for the bong.. was a delight.. he even clicked a pic of this from his mobile... he loved the color of the gravy.. and then " itna achcha chicken main bahutt dino baad kha raha hun".. aah it was heavenly... it was a plessure.. the barrier.. the mental block that i dont want to cook non veg coz i cannot bear it got vanished... anything for ppl i love... and why not when they reciprocate so well...

Aah.. i feel so good after taking out all this in front of you guys... :) so here we go.. Dum ka Murgh Zafrani for all my non veggie frens... do gimme you feedback ..

Ingredients :

1 kg Chicken (medium sized chunks)
1 cup Clarified Butter,
4 large Onions, sliced
1 Tomato, peeled and pureed
1 bay leaf
2 cloves
2 tsp Garlic Paste
1 tsp Ginger Paste
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
3 green chillies slit lengthwise.
4 tspCoriander Powder
1 tsp garam masala
Salt to taste
2 cups Warm Milk
1 cup Water
1 1/4 cup Yoghurt
2 tbsp fresh cream
5 tbsp almond(badam) paste
1 tsp Saffron (1g)


1. Heat half of the clarified butter in a pan and saute onions till brown. Remove, drain excess ghee and blend to make a paste.
2. Heat remaining ghee, add all the ingredients except onion paste, almond paste, tomato puree and saffron. Stir fry the dry items for a few minutes and then add the milk, waer and yoghurt to it.
3. Add the chicken peices and cook on low heat till half done.(You can simply use the chicken as it is or else marinate it for an hour before you start with this process, it gives the chicken peices a rich taste.. i marinated the chicken peices in dahi and a little vinegar and 2 tbsp of fresh cream for an hour or so.)
4. Meanwhile saute the onion paste, once done completely, add the tomato puree, and then the almond paste to it, keep stirring till it starts leaving oil from the corners, keep it aside.
5. Once the chicken is half done, stir in the paste made above and the saffron , turn the flame to low and cook till the chicken peices are tender. (well dont ask me what does that mean coz at this stage garg was testing if the peices are cooked completely.)
6. Remove from heat and serve hot with plain rice spliced with some bay leafs and cloves, garnished with some fresh thyme, coriander or parsley whatever available.

Tips: Marination makes the peices tender, if you dont have much time to marinate, add all the ingredients required for marinating in a ziplock bag, try to create vacuum as much as possible and zip lock it, now place this in the freezer, this reduces the time required for marination to half.

Pleople forgive me any mistakes in explaining or methods and no detailed pics, as this was my first stint with this style of cooking. Hope you all like it and do gimme your feedback.

I wanted to take my sunsign for the Fortune Cooking event, Leo as i keep singing the song .. iam Born Leo... leos are this.. leos r that .. hehe... but found hubby dears sunsign.. Aries taknig advantage as the Sign having chicken with it... HAD TO BE hehe... so i thought nothing can beat this... this has to be my entry to the famed event.... i love this concept of yours shriya... so here goes my entry to check out this event people ... you even have got prizes to win....

OK whats better than to start my run on the Recipe marathon with something that will remain special to me for various reasons. This goes as my Day 1 run to the wonderful Recipe Marathon started by DK and Siri. Hats off to u people.. where do you get such ideas from. This would really keep me on my toes to post all the pending recipes i need to post.:).

Heres what my fellow marathon runners have created as Day1 run:

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The list of participants can be found here. My names not there.. will be added soon.:)

Will keep adding more as i find the exact list.

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  1. Welcome to Recipe Marathon Swati and Oh boy, U are so fast..:D U already posted. linked and commented on my blog too!!. Love your spirit gurl!.. I am posting in a minute or two. will add in ur link too!


  2. Hi Swati..chicken looks delicious..You know even I havent ventured cooking nonveg at home yet..We go out to eat if we feel like having nonveg..Nice start in the marathon..yet to post mine

  3. Wow, did u said that it is ur first time? Girl, looks like rest style chicken! I ve seen somewhere u said u r veg, well done Swati :) Tip about marinating in freezer, is totally new... and i am not sure also... Ok coming to ur brother did he slept or fainted? he he, just seeing his sis cooking some luxurious chicken ?
    Once again i am impressed by ur chicken dish and good luck 4 recipe marathon dear :)

  4. Dear Swati, I tried to send you an email, guessing from your Yahoo Id, but it bounced back. Could you please send me a test email. U can find my email address on my blog.

    Thanks dear.


  5. hey Swati,

    You are such a dear! Thanks a bunch for joining us..its gng to be some fun ...Your ingredients list other than chicken(since i am veggie;-)) luks absolute heavenly and rich. I will put some paneer instead in that gravy and njoy it as much as u :)

    p.s I linked your post:)

  6. Great job, dear! It's a great achievement that you tried something for the first time, and was appreciated by your dear ones. keep up the good work!:-)

  7. you girls are in full swing with recipe marathon, swati! what a good start. looks delicious. As DK said, I might have to replace chicken with paneer as I am a vegetarian too.

  8. Am a vege.. but the gravy looks wonderful...

  9. swati...that looks so tempting...will surely try this variety!...

  10. thanku siri... my day was almost over..:)
    same pinch divya... but i am a veggie i dont even have chicken...
    heyyy cham u r flattering me like crazy... early morning u made my day...the marinating stuff works coz i learn t it from somebody who holds a barbecue at his place every weekend.. so got to trust him...
    yeah dk.. its gonig to be funn..:)
    thanku meera ..u always appreciate me in a such a kind way...
    thanks uma... all u veggie ppl.. dont sideline me:( me will have to have it with paneer or simply d gravy...
    thanks sowmya...
    hey sri... try it for sure...

  11. That chicken sure looks delicious Swati. Am also going to check out the marathon...hvnt heard of that before! All the best for your run!!

  12. The chicken looks really yummy...u do deserve a tap on your back...:)

  13. hi swathi!!thats one yummy chicken curry!!!i admire ur spirit girl:)
    i have excused myself from the marathon during the weekends but i will sure join u all on the weekdays:)....hope to see u all on monday for the marathon:)..u keep rocking ok.

  14. Hi Swati, i am a vegetrarian, but my dear hubby loves chicken so some time i made for him. This is very nice recipe and will try for my DH and let u know :)))

  15. hey thanks everybody... the aroma of the gravy was actually gr8...
    thanks bhags for d tap :D
    will wait for u on monday ranji...
    hey another thing cmmon with us madhavi... do try it...

  16. Swati you left a comment on my blog I am very new to blogging of any sorts. How do you take part in the roti mela?

  17. Something is waiting for you at my blog, Swati! Have a look!

  18. Wow, this looks awesome! I can tell it is rich!!! My daughter would go nuts for this :)

  19. Wow, your first chicken dish you say? Looks stunning, the gravy looks so creamy... So did you at least have a lick of the gravy? :) The things people do for love... :) You have a lucky husband...

  20. Good job on your first chicken dish, Swati !!! Keep 'em coming! :-) Cheers, JZ ;)

  21. Hi Swati, thanks for entering our contest and your dish looks absolutely wonderful! Love the recipe marathon idea too and good luck in the contest!

  22. The first time attempt looks like a professional one! Very good curry! Presentation is too good! I too started my first time chicken curry after marriage:) Though my husband V helped me marinate it, it was me all the way who cooked it:)) ....Its a whole different world with lots of things to make from Non-veg dishes right? Happy cooking :)

  23. Please email to recipes. Thank you.

  24. Nice info on such a variety of non-veg dishes and the pictures are enough to raise your temptation for these dishes.I will surely try one of these in my kitchen.

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