Since the day i read Srivallis post on chole bhature i was craving for it, it has been an all time favorite, since the time i have had these in delhi i love them , and have been a loyal fan when it comes to having a junk food as a whole meal, so filling so heavy and so so yummy. From my days in delhi university not a single week went by when i didn't have kamla nagar's chacha ke chole bhature, this guy is amazing, this is a small shop, with no sitting arrangement, but there wasn't a single day when i didn't see a crowd at his shop, it was always crowded, and of course he was d master, have never had such soft bhatures ever, it was his USP. OK i can go pages praising chacha ke CB, but seriously, you know what, people would come in mercs and what not to have his chole bhature and even to buy his chole ka masala, well yeah he used to sell that too.

Coming to amritsari chole bhature, whats that, well you must have had that dark brown looking chole with bhature, well that variety is called amritsari chole, and its a delight. Also some of the chole is mashed into the masala to make it a bit mushy n creamy. For me that color is a must with bhature. So here we go..


For the bhature:
3 cups all purpose flour
7-8 tbsp yogurt
salt to taste
1/4 cup water(warm)
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp oil

For the Chole:

2 cups Chole (white chickpeas)
3 Tea Bags
2 Badi Ilaichi
Salt to taste (half black salt+half white salt)(i used 3/4 black salt in this stage, it made it very tasty)

3 Cloves
2 inch long Cinnammon Stick
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
2 tsp. cumin pwd
3-4 tsp coriander pwd
1 tsp Anardana
1 - 1 1/2 tsp red chilli pwd
1/2 tsp turmeric pwd

2-3 Tomatoes finely chopped
1 inch Ginger cut into think strands
2 Onions paste, 1 onion sliced
1/2 tsp Mangopowder (aamchur)
1 Tbsp Garam Masala
2 Bay Leaves
1 tsp garlic paste
salt to taste


1. In a big vessel soak the chickpeas over night.
2. Chole masala: In a pan, dry roast all dry masale given in the second set of ingredients and keep aside.
3. In that same water in which the chickpeas were soaked, drop the tea bags, salt and moti elaichi and boil till it become soft. (for my variety , it took 7 whistles)
4. When cooked discard the tea bags, and 3/4 of the water, you may keep some of it to dilute the chole later.
5. In a separate pan heat the ghee and add bayleaves, ginger and the garlic paste, now add the onions(first the sliced, saute for a minute and then the paste) and fry it till golden brown, to this add the roasted powder we have from the second step, saute for another minute or so.
6. Now add the tomato puree to this and let it cook for 2 minutes. While cooking it mash some of chole with masher to mix all the masala well. To this add the chole and let it cook for 10 minutes.

7. For the bhature, knead a dough out of all the ingredient well to make a very soft dough and let it set for 1-2 hours, the longer you keep the softer bhature you get.

8. Make the bhature at the time of serving, nothing can beat a hot bhature n chole, make tennis ball sized rounds from the dough and roll them into cirles, well any damn shape, believe me, with bhature, the shape doesnt really matter.

9. Deep fry them. To make sure they do not soak much oil, make sure u have let the dough set for 1-2 hours, let the oil fume first, only then add them to fry, and fry them on medium high flame.

Serve it hot with chole, and onion rings, some lemon and green chillies, perfect street food.

Yippe day 10 of the marathon..

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  1. chole bhature is a classic combination....ur bhatura has perfctly puffed up.been a very long tie sice i made this...
    using tea bags in chole is very new to me!!!sounds interesting....i am sure it makes it even more flavorful...
    ur oats upma also looks very creative...:)

  2. Wow i have surely making this.
    Just by reading about chacha ke CB, I am drooling.
    Love your Bhature too.

  3. the bhature looks perfect, right puff and right crisp.....nice post

  4. lovely!! they look so professional!

  5. yumm iam drooling... the bhatura looks so perfect and tasty and so does the chole..... amazing one dear

  6. The bhature looks perfect , right crisp and professional....
    Chole also looks yummy......

  7. my sis used to praise a lot chacha ke chole bhature,..but i never got the luck to taste food there,..another fav point in kamla nagar was momopoint,..nice post,..refreshed my memories,..:-)

  8. Wow! amazing chole bhature! That's one of my favorite too, and I must say that it's a favorite midday meal for many office-goers like us. Not only it's very filling, it tastes awesome. Cheers!

  9. my all time fav...urs are yummy!

  10. I have tried quite a few Chole Batures so far including my own recipes, your's is bookmarked to try. Looks wonderful, I prefer brown chana to white chana.
    Just came home after shopping and a movie, relaxing!:))

  11. Oh girl Bature looks like the rest one :) Really tempting combo!

  12. lovely recipe, swati! So when are you going to make it for me?

  13. wow swati, you pick out such great dishes..first momos and now chacha's cb..makes me want to be back in DU !

  14. Di ultimate..Swati ke Chole!
    Baturey bhi badhiya! Wow..surely going strong at Marathon with these yum mouthwatering recipes!! Tks for sharing dear!!

  15. wooo,mouthwatering cholee.....its yummm

  16. thanks ranji... yeah tea bags has an effect but mainly for color, mainly the d spices n black salt shows d effect..
    yeah happy cook.. so is the effect of chacha ke cB
    thanks bhags.. luckily it came out really well...
    thanks arundathi.. entering a punju fmly shud have some effects;)

  17. thanks shubha.. it did came out well..
    thanks sireesha..
    hey priyanka.. u know so much abt kamla nagar n all.. i feel so good...
    hey indranee ... welcome to my blog.. glad u share same feelings.. :)
    hey sangeeth.. they sure r yumm..
    ashaji... shopping n movie.. wohoo...

  18. thanks cham.. it did came out like d rest ones...
    uma.. anytime.. tell me when/..
    hey rashhh.. were u in DU... thats heights of coincidence...
    thanks purnima.. u mak me so happy.. :)
    thanks sumaaa...

  19. swati..when I read the title, i was thinking atleast she is going to post that bhatura that she had mentioned in my post and here I am seeing that you mentioned the same thing...great..and the bhaturas look excellent!...nice one..and you can send the bhaturas for the roti mela too...:))

  20. brillient recipe swathi. i too am a die hard fam of CB but now try to stay away from deep fried stuff.

  21. I love Chole bhature!!! but i've never got around to making them at that we have swati's recipe.... :-)

  22. Hi Swathi...

    first time here! chole bature looks yummy. I use the same method. I got the recipe from my marwadi friend. She prepares it the same way. Now i m hungry:-)


  23. I love chole batura. Nice pictures and step by step instructions.

  24. WOW.... chole Bhatura is my fav. Urs looks so YUM!.... Those are some appetizing pictures. Loved the larger bhatura.

  25. Your chole looks fabulous!
    Made me really hungry, am tempted to hit up "chacha's choley bhatur" next time I'm in Delhi.
    I also LOVE the chole bhature you get in Bengal sweets in South Ex....yummm!

  26. Cool Bhaturas! i am a big fan of bhaturas,and yours is so perfect.Will definitely try it and let you know..

  27. yep, but my guess is that i was there more than half a decade before you. Chacha's CB has obviously been a constant:)

  28. yeah sri... this is the one i was talknig abt... :)
    hey hey sia... staying away from deep fired.. :) a nd mbp street food :)
    hey jz do make it haan ... its D thing u can make quickly n enjoyy..
    hey veda.. welcome... yeah i love this method...

  29. hey nithu of spicy tasty.. welcome... nice u liked it...
    hey suku... glad u like it.. bhatures did come out really well..
    yeah i too liked d south ex ones...
    welcome shri... do try it and let me know...

  30. I grew up in Amritsar. And with every street corner selling fabulous chhole, who's gonna sweat it out at home. My mom let us eat these out a lot of times, so I've grown up on some of the yummiest street food you can think of :)

  31. hey simmi i hope i did justice to this chole.. but i just love it this way...

  32. I love no I can die for chacha ke chole bhatoore. When i was in Delhi, we use to go there and eat not one 2 2 plates. really fantastic taste. I have tried their own dry masala which they use to sell there in packets but i did not get their taste. may be they do not want to share somthing to continue their business. Sure, I am gonna try your style. it seems it will work.. more I will share after following your prep style,.

  33. Hey dear....your blog is just too good!!! Yummiest food I have ever seen!!!!!!!

  34. Hi..

    I just tried making chole and bhature.
    The bhature receipe is excellent.Both chole and bhature turned out to be excellent.

  35. I tried making bhature following your recipe, but i couldn't roll out bhautre!!! i am so frustrated!! i followed the recipe and let it sit longer than 2 hours but i couldn't make balls nor i could roll them out!! HELP!

  36. hey anon.. wish you had shared your name.... why what happened.. tell me what was the problem.. was the bhatura mixture too soggy, anyways u will not be able to roll perfect circles for bhatura... bhaturas are best oval or traingular shaped.. tell me what happend...

  37. hello Swati, first of all thnx for replying :) My problems: first, yes the dough was soggy, very elastic. I couldn't even properly break it to make the balls. Then, i couldn't roll em out, i used flour to roll it out. but when i would roll it out to a bigger size (watever shape lol), it would come back to smaller size. i wonder wat the problem is. plz help coz i really love bhature and would love to be able to make them. thanx

  38. oops sorry, btw my name is Akash. sorry i missed that out. thanx again.

  39. hey akash... sorry yaar for replying late.. ok.. i thnik your problem is you havent been generous with the oil... whenever you make something with maida .. you roll it using oil and not the flour... even while preparing the flour mixture.. add the liquids slowly, so that it doesnt get soggy... i wish i could have made it for you..ur enthu is commendable akash...
    and haan when you roll it, it does come back to a smaller size .. true.. but you have to be quick and put it inside the oil immedietely... thats d problem with maida.. its not your fault.. that is how it happens.. if you are slow .. it shrinks...

  40. Nice recipei love it

  41. The Bhattura's look perfect. Was browsing different masala combinations for Chole/Channa. :-)

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