ARBEE and NUTRI NUGGETS in Tomato Gravy : Aftermath of Mumbai Indians getting kicked out of IPL


What happens when Mumbai Indians disappoint you like anything, when you don't know whether to blame them or to feel sorry for them, all they could do now was to pray and pray hard that Deccan Chargers win their last match, Chennai Super Kings simply loose their seat in the semis, horrible! And to top it all, a team with real good players , Herschelle Gibbs, Adam Gilchrist, Shahid Afridi.. and some other good performers.. again in a position where they are playing their best, but still almost visible that they will loose it.. and finally they loose it, huh, Mumbai Indians out of IPL, deccan chargers prove to be losers once again.. bad very bad.. OK sorry, why all this irrelevant talk over here, seriuosly, what i made today was an aftermath of this, and yess i had to take out the frustration somewhere.

So the final result was this weird combination, arbee and nutri nuggets, i would have never thought of this combination, but this is what is IPL doing to me, i really really wanted Mumbai Indians to be there in the semis, iam happt jaipur and mohali are there, they deserve it, but somehow mumbai indians were better off than chennai super kings(so what if dhoni from jharkhand(my hometown) is there in my chennai team ), but they are to be blamed, i felt like ******* jayasuria after yesterdays match, how could he, and than fernando bowling a wide when they need 3 runs from a ball, they should be sewed.. these two matched were the most dissapointing matches, made me and garg fight, seriuosly, coz he was not supporting the team i was, guess what i had most of d only kulfi left in the firdge simply because garg was not supporting mumbai indians but was all for Jaipur.

OK i stop this here, so basically when i was totally distressed with these results and the way hyderabad was performing today i didnt know what to cook, i was frustrated, i had some arbee in my hand but when u dont find things right around you, you simply dont want to make thats normal(atleast not me), arbee fry :( (will have to cook dal alongwith it).. ok arbee ki rasse wali sabji(why are you behaving like Deccan chargers.. dont u know anything other than yorkers, try some other ball), so here iam , unaware of what am i about to do , i fetch some nutri nuggets and finalize on ,mixing arbee and nutri nuggets. But when everything else was not gonig right, this one thing didnt go wrong, yeah, it turned out pretty tasty, the flavors blended pretty well and the end result was appreciated, by the time i was serving this, i had kind of realized that i had come up with something very weird and its very much possible that garg deary might not like it, and i should be ready to accept it, instead of venting out my frustration on him, but surprisingly bnoth of liked it, it did taste good, and we might go for it again when we want something different from the usuals. So here we go ..

Ingredients:250 gms Arbee
100 gms nutri nuggets
2 big onions finely chopped
2 big tomatoes finely chopped
1 inch ginger piece finely chopped
1 tsp cumin seeds
3 green chillies slit lengthwise
1 tsp turmeric pwd
1 tsp red chilli pwd
2-3 tsp coriander pwd
1 tsp kitchen king(optional)
1/2 tsp amchur (dried mango pwd)

Method:1. Boil the nutri nuggets as intructed in the pack, usually you need to soak nutri nuggets in boiling water for 10-15 mins, and the water needs to be drained out and kept aside.
2. Pressure cook the arbee for not more than two whistles. Otherwise it gets soggy, peel and keep aside. Cut it into small peices, 1 inch dices
3. In a pan add some oil and heat it, fry the arbee pieces till they become light brown and remove from heat and keep aside.
4. In d remaining oil add the cumin seeds and let it splutter, now add the green chillies, ginger and onions, and saute till the onions are done, add all the salts and saute for another minute or so.
5. To this add the tomatoes and saute till the tomatoes are blendecwell in this mixture, this mite take another 5-10 minutes.
6. To this add the nutri nuggets and fried arbee and mix well. Add 2 small cups of water and cover the pan and let it cook for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally to check it doesn't stick . Once the gravy blends well with the nuggets and arbee, the curry is done, remove from heat, it is ready for serving.
7. Serve with hot phulkas.

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  1. heheh i used to be so crazy abt cricket as well until i came to usa!!now i have no idea as to whats happening in that a way its good coz it keeps me calm:)....coming to ur dish!!!this is a rare combination ..i havent come across...sounds really delcious coz the love these nuggets..great meat substitutions!!!and arbi is one of my fav!!loved it...jope ipl makes u create more such delciious recipes:))

  2. What unusual combination, love both so the curry is great for me!

  3. Very rare combination Swati..I too crazy abt cricket.

  4. Ohh Swati..I was very very disappointed too when I saw Mumbai Indians loosing the match :(. I wanted them in semis instead of Delhi or Chennai teams (I like Sachin soooo much). I even yelled at V when he cheered Jaipur for the huge Six they hit in last over.
    Anyway...Since we don't get any channels with cricket here in US, the impact was not so much.
    The subji looks great.

  5. Hi...
    That tomato gravy looks so creamy. Looks so good...Love it. BTW... wat is nutri nuggets?, What does it taste like?

  6. I support Chennai!And glad that they entered the semis.But the match timings are early in the morning and I find it difficult to wake up:(And the nice part is the match has given birth to this exotic arbi-nutri nugget combo..Looks too yummy Swati..

  7. I used to watch cricket a lot back home. Not anymore! I have no clue what you are talking about in this post.:D

    The dish looks very good.:)

  8. that looks awesome...gret arecipe..thanks for sharing..

  9. such a lovely arbi curry with some cricket commentary! Looks so delicious, Swati!

  10. swati this looks awesome.... realy really awesome...:) yummmm I used to ake this with potatoes... guess arbee is a nice option too...

    and dont tell me about the shameful return of the mumbai indians who lost in their home ground...hmmmm Being from mumbai I was so upset... but then actually speaking... they really dont deserve to be in the competition... right?

  11. Congrats on ur what if your team lost, even through the distress Swati the chef has shone through!! :-)

  12. nice combo,..m sure must have tasted good,..

  13. Love your recipe, but I am glad Chennai made it to the final four (no guesses there :) ). But I would have loved to see Sachin leading Mumbai in the final four instead of Delhi - they shouldn't have lost their match against Delhi :(

    Your recipe sounds yum.. mish-mash, I love that :)

  14. yeah baby chennai won!! can't tell you how thrilled i am - we're a way better team - what can i say?! :D

  15. yummy gravy...i luv nuggets...soon will start my recipe too under nuggets....

  16. Great post with the summary of IPL...

    Gravy looks good too..

  17. That was a disaster, Mumbai losing to the Royals......your nuggets look interesting

  18. My son and hubby watch the IPL matches diligently..
    Like the addition of arbi in the going to make nuggets for lunch today :))

  19. Very nice recipe Swati, looks great and love to try!!!

  20. Wow..Swati, sixer with this lovely dish! Hee..The arabi nutrella combi sounds healthy looks splendid!

  21. ranji u r lucky u r not getting a hint of these things going around in IPL.. thanks u liked d combo..
    yeah chammm i too love both.. thats why this combo
    yeah kamala.. my craziness shows i guess...:)
    hahaha u too yelled at V.. hehe...
    hey suku... nutri nuggets r d soya chunks.. its a good subtitute of meat...

  22. hey divya.. its not that i dont like chennai but yeah i like mumbai more,... no worries they lost it themselves...
    hehe TBC... thats ok .. the crux is.. in IPL.. mumbai indians r no more in d semis :)
    thanks sowmya.. u must try this noe...
    thanksss umaa.. it was delicious indeed..

  23. hey shubhaa.. yeah it was such a shameful return.. horrible.. lets not talk of it now...
    hey JZ... thatnks for those wordd:)
    yeah priyanka it did taste goood.. luckily...
    hey akay.. first of all .. welcome to my blog... and yeah u r rite.. i wouldnt have minded that option too..
    yeah aru... i dont mind our own dhoni reaching d semis.. but am sad abt d mumbai folks.. but they deserve it....
    yeah sumaaa... d gravy was good.. the mushyness of arbee being soaked by nuggets...
    thanks bhags... yeah a disaster indeed..
    hey swati... do try arbi n nuggets it did come out well...

  24. I was thinking what the heck she is talking about and then I saw IPL! ;D
    Don't get stressed about that girl!:)
    Arbi and soya, great combo, looks great. Looks good!:)
    Get your award toady at FH when I post my new one later!:)

  25. Thanks to ur post, now I know who went to semis and who didn't. I lost track of past 5 days of IPL matches.. u know y..:D..I am so sorry for Mumbai Indians..even I like Sachin isiliye..

    LOL! u ate of most kulfi just becoz gargji was not on ur side.. that was so cute and hilarious!..:))

    the curry looks awesome unusual combi indeed!


  26. I have to admit i am no fan of cricket, i have no idea about tha game.
    When my sis was here we were watching lagan and she was just shouting when theose guys were playing and i was like calm down it is just a movie.
    Dish looks delicious

  27. lol swati, u made me laugh out loud in my office and now my boss thinks i am a gone case!! thanks girl;) needed that kind of impression just one week before my
    by the way, i hope u cook (deep fry) with same frustartion for mbp too;) LOL.... ok, dont chase me with a broom stick now:D

  28. Very nice recipe Swati, looks delicious and gravy looks yummy.

  29. This curry looks very nutritious and tasty too!!

  30. very lovely and diff recipe swati...reg IPL...u know how cricket matches go these days...expect the unexpected :)

  31. heeeeehheheee... ashaji ... i know i was into the ipl fever... and thanks a ton fro that award.. u did see how i blabbered abt it...

  32. yeah siri this is exactly what hapened... no worried atleast jaipur won...
    sia... i told u rite what happened when i read this comment of urs... plannig for something for mbp today ...
    hey sireesha and hetal .. thanks buddy...
    hey sangeeth... i know.. but finally d expected happened... jaipur won :)

  33. Well, I don't actually consider this is likely to have success.