A sinfully sinful smoothie ... :) Its a kicker to the depressed, a zinger to the already happy lot.. here goes the banana chocolate smoothie, a treat to my hubby when he gets bored of the regular banana milkshake as his breakfast milk dose.
A quick but delightful smoothie it is. Here goes the recipe:

1. 1 banana
2. 1 cup milk
3. 2 tbsp chocolate sauce
4. Pista and chocolate for topping
5. 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
6. 2 tsp sugar(can be substituted with honey.)


1. Decorate the glass with chocolate sauce and keep it in the freezer, this way it does not melt and mess up.

2. Blend the peices of banana, 1/4 cup of milk, 2 tsp sugar, chocolate sauce in a mixer or blender as per your convinience. Once no lumps are left, add the remainnig milk and blend it for one last time.
3. Now the topping depends on you. Here goes my version: Some blend the ice cream with the shake, we prefer it as a topping. So one scoop of vanilla icecream over it, decorate it with
chocolate flakes, chocolate sauce and some minced pista. Oh so yummy... :)

Satutary Warning ;) : Make sure if you try this make two glasses, coz otherwise you guys would make the deadliest rivals untill the smoothie gets over... but its fun too... so your call... whether you go for a glass or two:)
My First attempt on candle making...
There's a creatively inclined side in me too, but its been some time now, moreover coz i have shifted to bangalore and i just dont know where do i find the crafts material market, and by gods grace i just have male fren out here in bangalore, so theres no scope to get any help from an Iam still hunting... if any one of you could help me out.. i'd be greatful... so finally in a local shop i cought hold of some candle making material and i wanted to try my hand on here i go ... it is somewhat time consuming but i managed to make 3 in an hour, and moreover i did not want to involve too many vessels... so here are my lovely candles... just wanted to share this with you... this is just my first attempt.. would come up with more with multi color ones in a few days...

candles 003 image
candles 001image
candles 006 image

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  1. So temting Smoothie there..with beautifull Chocolate decor.

    Your candles are all Looking Great. Nice models.

  2. hey thats a lovely presentation..

  3. Very creative and wonderful presentation.

  4. swati..thats a purely sinful looking drink..great..and those candles are lovely...good talent

  5. that's one fantastic looking drink that has me rushing to the kitchen!! and i think minus the vanilla icecream, will be just as good!! fabulous!!

  6. Smoothie is tempting with the chocolate decor.
    Lovely candles.

  7. my first time here...what lovely candles and the smoothie looks so delicious....
    By the way, did you learn candle making or is it some do-it-yourself kit....
    I am interested in these too...hence wanted to know....

  8. smoothie seems delicious.. and ur candles are also good.

  9. tempting smoothie and cadles looks great too

  10. ooooooooooooooooooo thats 1 lovely smoothie..loved the way chocolate appears in the photo!!
    very very professional for a 1st attempt on candle making...great job!!

  11. I just love this sinfully delicious smoothie.

  12. thanks a lot everybody... its gargs birthday today so couldnot spend time on the blog... thanks a lot the shake is actually tempting... and the decor is very simple and quick.

  13. Smoothie looks delicious. Congrats on your new found hobby.. Today I was seeing an article in a local magazine about clear candle making. This candle is like water, meaning transparent, so they add decorative items to the candle. It was very cool.

  14. thanks sri.. feels good when somebody calls something petty as this a talent..
    hey arundati, when you say minus the ice cream, i think the chocolate sauce qty should be reduced, otherwise you may think simple banana shake is much better, the ice cream really compliments the choco content... atleast me and hubby dear find it that way..
    thanks rupa for visiting keep dropping by, it was a do it youself kit by pidilite, just the colours i guess you need to play with it yourself else what they provide, i find them a bit dull, i did some mixing...
    hey revathi could u tell me something more abt d candles you read abt..

  15. that choc sauce design on glass looks lovely :) thanks for stopping by my blog and voting for me

  16. hey nags u r a star and thats one of my frequent hangouts...:)

  17. Love fruit based smoothies!!
    God I am amazed sweetie!I Have so many reg readers here around and you have AWED me in total surprise finding it out that my place is preparing for the first bday :)..I am posting the arusuvai story day after for the b'day:)
    Thankyou :)

  18. Hi,

    I too have been looking to buy candle making kit...can u suggest me a good source

  19. sorry for a late response azzhu.. u can get candle making kits anywhere in stationery shope or staples.. if u r in india... there r standard fevicryl ones available...

  20. Really helpful data, lots of thanks for the post.