AATE KA HALWA / Wheat Flour Sweet Dish - Happy b'day Sriram and Happy Anniversary Mumma Papa

Its so sad tht you cannot be with your loved ones on their birthdays and anniversaries coz you are sitting far away from them, and a birthday or anniversary cannot always a good enuf reason to travel all along just to celebrate these special occasions, so what if many dear ones have are getting together there, you have other priorities set .. :( thats life and guess most of us have accepted this fact, well here goes a halwa for these people really special to me.


This is the easiest halwa i know... and the yummiest...


1. 1 cup wheat flour (aata)
2. 1 cup sugar (i prefer less sugar, 3/4 was perfect for me)
3. 3/4 cup ghee
4. 1 cup water
5. Cashew nuts and almonds for garnishing
6. 1 tsp cardomom / elaichi powder.


1. Heat the ghee on medium flam on a kadhai or pan
2. Add the atta to the heated ghee & stir continuously till it turns golden brown/brown, just make sure it does not burn.
3. Keep all other ingredients ready as they have to be added quickly one after the other.
4. Alongside add the sugar to the water and the elaichi powder and heat it till the sugar dissolves in the water, once done keep it aside.
5. As soon as the atta is brown and you get a nice aroma flowing through your kitchen :), add the water mixture to the atta and stir continuously.
6. Keep stirring till it starts leaving the gheel from the corners, this takes some 15 mins.
7. The halwa is now ready to be served. Garinish with the nuts and serve hot.

Guess what this is the first thing i cooked at my sasural(in-laws place) after my marriage :), theres this ritual when i have to make something sweet and i get shagun from the elders.. i earned something like 5k that day.

nutrella 048

Its marriage anniversary for mumma and papa, my in-laws.. who have been the most caring parents to me, coz of them i just didnt realize that i was new to this family, i was a tamil brahmin who has to adjust to this family in the heart of punjab.. Thanks mumma papa... hope you stay as lively and loving as this forever... Mumma you have been so nice, seems as if amma has sent you, i do miss amma but you loved me and guided me through the first phase of my marriage as amma would have done.. and not as a mother in law.. And you're one of the reasons, I'm married so happily.

Papa has been more than a friend, he has shared my joys and shared his joys too, he has been the person who has made me feel comfortable in a new home, he has admired my pettiest gestures in the most encouraging ways, could see the acceptance for me as a twinkle in his eyes... he has given me a new insight about life.. and how to cherish it... Thanks mumma Papa.. wish you the best in life and hope i see you merrier in the years to come... you are one couple i really admire.


Its Happy Birthday to my loving cousin Sriram too ... :) he is a geniuos... really mischeviuos and at the same time understands life much more than other kids of his age.. he is in 7th std but had the capability to pull out the whole family from bad times with his smile and soothing words... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Srirama... isnt he cute :)

image image

One again Happy Anniversary Mumma papa and happy birthday sriram...

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  1. A very touching post wishes to your in-laws and cousin....the halwa looks yummmm:)

  2. Hey thats nice Swati aweet is my fav luks yummy and wishes to ur in laws and lilttle sriram

  3. Hey thats nice Swati aweet is my fav luks yummy and wishes to ur in laws and lilttle sriram

  4. Hey Swati, Best wishes to your in- laws and Sriram. I never tried wheat flour halwa this is new to me. Halwa looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this recipe

  5. Swati , what a lovely post. Very touching post indeed.Best wishes to ur inlaws!!!!
    The halwa looks great.

  6. my best wishes to all of them.. wheat halwa looks delicious swati. will try that.

  7. my best wishes to your in- laws and Sriram...halwa looks so yumm!

  8. Swati, our very best to you and your parents too! that halwa looks delicious!! btw, will it work if I put sugar and water directly to atta without making syrup first?? what the heck, I'll just try it that way!:)

  9. Best wishes to your in-laws and sriram...halwa looks delicious swati!!!

  10. Swati the halwa looks awesome just iam drooling over it now....
    and wt u wrote about attending functions back home is so true.... u really miss everything so much... hmmm and the things u wrote about ur mom in law... u reminded me of my Mil (amma ) back home.... she just love me the same way.. never actual feel the absense of my mom due to her love.......

    loved ur blog.. iam adding u in my blog roll...:)

  11. thanks saswati, sushma, dhivya, pearlsofeast and madhavi.

    trupti and anjali do try it out and do let me know how does it turn out..
    but be generous with the ghee :)

    mansi its just that i have been tought that way, i guess it doesnt make a big diff, all we need to make sure is that the sugar melts well..

    thanks a ton shubha for adding me to your lovely page..

  12. U have a really great blog Swati...That was a nice post indeed..We miss our dear ones a lot especially during such occasions..Lovely halwa..It is my fav sweet..bookmarked..Am trying it soon..

  13. U have a really great blog Swati...That was a nice post indeed..We miss our dear ones a lot especially during such occasions..Lovely halwa..It is my fav sweet..bookmarked..Am trying it soon..

  14. A sentiment post. Best wishes for ur in laws and Sriram. Lovely sweet Halwa.

  15. Beautiful post, Swati! I'm sure your in-laws are just as lucky to have you as their bahu too!

  16. Lovely post Swati, Best wishes to your Inlaws and Happy Birthday to Sriram

    We make the same halwa, but add the water to the atta directly and then the sugar at the end and it melts in the heat within 5 minutes, i guess it really does not matter like u mentioned, the sugar just has to melt.

  17. thanks divya.. feels good when my seniors like my blog... :) keep visiting... its really try the halwa...

    thanks cham ..

    hope so vani :)

    yes medhaa u r rite.. i do it coz i powder the cardomom myself.. so it flavors the water and then i strain the sediments...

  18. Happy Anniversary to your in-laws and also a Happy Birthday! The halwa looks yum. Is there any way one can reduce the amount of ghee? Any other substitute?

  19. Hi Swati

    Just spotted you and was curious to check out a blogger with the same name.. Pleasure to be here friend.. You have a nice site here..
    A yummy halwa too :))

  20. yes.. ghee content can be brought down if u plan to make it with milk instead of water... but beleive me .. its the best this way ..

    swati ... ive become ur fan ... bad i cannot attend ur workshop... but sure.. will keep dropping by ur page...

  21. Hi swathi my wishes to ur -in laws and sriram...thanx for ur comment dear:).......u halwa is a simple and tasty one...

  22. hey sashree thanks.. and it was my pleasure.. u have great ideas rolling..

  23. nice name of ur blog,..suits me..

  24. What a nice post Swati...& aate ka halwa is my son's favourite & possibly only Indian sweet he will eat! Have bookmarked it.BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog; was great to see you!!

  25. wow swati, you are a tam bram married to a punjabi? right? i am a punjabi married to a malayalee and i too feel I have the best in-laws in the world....

  26. hehe.. asan khana suits me too....
    hey ur baking skills makes me envious:).. hope i could send some for ur son...i keep peeping into ur page for gorgeous stuffs...
    hello rachna.. my punju gurl.... welcome.. i can see u relate to my feelings....

  27. hi swati, loved the halwa recipe. been wanting to make aate ka halwa for almost a week now. was googling this afternoon and nothing came up! Was randomly going through your blog when i chanced aate ka halwa and will give it a shot maybe tonight - loved your aunt's pumpkin recipe as well - reminded me of 'poori aur kaddu ki sabzi' a deadly combination and popular street food in meerut (UP). take care,

  28. I just read this.
    We are lucky too to have you in our family.
    A small tip from my grandma and now urs too swati,
    some people cant make out if atta is properly done or not ,best way is take cold water in a bowl and drop a little drop of atta in it ,if atta doesnt split in water and its the proper brown colour that you want, then you can add water and sugar into it.
    Luv you tons

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  30. :) Stunning sweet.. :) Was looking for a wheat flour sweet and I was never knew wheat flour sweet would be so easy to make.. I loved this sweet and I prepared and served.. :)
    Thanks for your delicious post.
    By the way I cooked for myself since my wife is abroad. Will tell her when she's back with a surprise sweet from me. :)

  31. that is one fugly kid. ugh!

  32. hey tried ur recipe..looks it turned out just perfect.thanks:-)

  33. It won't really have success, I consider so.